Notes from 2018-01-09 County Planning Commission meeting

For agenda and packet, see here.

Notes by KW.

Election of Officers — Gerrish Willis chair, Bob O’Brien vice-chair.  Both unanimous votes (7-0).

Conditional use permit, RV campground at 2380 S Hwy 191 — Not controversial.  Approved 7-0.

Whitehorse plat amendment — Converting three lots to two.  Not controversial.  Approved 7-0.

Proposed rezone (LLR to HC) at 2190 S Hwy 191 — Long discussion.  Since there are many small split-zone rezone requests, typically from a residential zone to a commercial zone, some PC members had concerns about the cumulative effects.  Eventually a 6-1 vote to approve, with GW voting no.

Proposed rezone (RG to RS) at MM 140 Hwy 191 (near Mill Canyon turn-off) — There have been many similar rezone requests lately in the North Highway 191 corridor.  The Future Land Use Plan (FLUP) designates this area as appropriate for the “Resort Special” (RS) zone.  KW argued that the PC should not simply rubber-stamp a rezone request for the entire parcel; a more narrowly focused rezone would be appropriate.  Lots of discussion.  KW motion to not approve fails 2-5 (KW and RN voting yes).  CG motion to approve passes 4-3 (KW, RN, AS voting no).

Future considerations — Workshop scheduled for 8-noon on Feb 13.