SJCO South Spanish Valley Planning Meeting report

There was standing room only when SJCO’s consultant, Landmark Design, presented its proposed development plan for Spanish Valley at the GWSSA building on Feb. 13.  Landmark will present it’s final proposal to the SJCO Planning Commission, and then ultimately the SJCO Commission in the near future.  Interested citizens can submit comments through Feb. 27.
The proposed plan had several major issues that will not be addressed before being presented to SJCO.
1 – Landmark is not going to address: the proposed Sky Ranch Airport; the non-availability of water for development; nightly rentals; and the fact that SITLA owns most of south SV and doesn’t have to comply with any plan adopted by SJCO.
2 – Many citizens in attendance at the presentation voiced concerns over Landmark’s decision not to address the proposed Sky Ranch airport in the plan, noting that the omission renders the plan in adequate (or useless) for future planning efforts in Spanish Valley.
3  – Landmark admitted that there might not be any “actual” water available to develop anything beyond a few houses and SJCO is going to have to negotiate with a nearby property owner to pump water from SJCO’s new well on the east side of the Valley, due to its proximity to the private well.  There are a couple more wells planned closer to Spanish Valley Drive – but no timeline for drilling.
4 – There were concerns and vocal opposition to nightly rentals, but as with the airport and water, Landmark is not going to address nightly rentals.
5 –  SITLA, which owns most of the land in south SV, is required by Utah Code to maximize revenues, and does not have to abide by SJCO’s eventual development plan for Spanish Valley.
Thus, a lot of what Landmark is proposing for south SV will have to be revised substantially if/when there is actual water available, and SITLA decides what it wants to do w/ it’s property.
Landmark is accepting comments through 2-27-18, via email:
There will be public hearings in the future at the SJCO Planning Commission  and SJCO Commission that concerned citizens can participate in and voice concerns.