Welcome to the MADAR email report

Welcome to the beta version of Moab Almost DAily Report (MADAR) email list. MADAR is a web site with lots of information about the Moab area (upcoming meetings, meeting reports, new BLM projects, historical weather, … ). There is an associated email list which contains the new articles from the past 24 hours. That’s what you have been subscribed to.

You can unsubscribe, resubscribe, or customize your subscription options here. By default, you receive only the posts deemed most likely to be interesting to a wide audience. If you want want more items in your emails, use the above link.

Currently, MADAR consists mainly of automatically generated articles:

  • New agendas for the County Council, City Council, Planning Commissions, and all other local government groups.
  • New project announcements from the BLM
  • Status changes for the above (meeting minutes posted, audio posted, agenda revised, BLM comment period open, BLM final decision issued, etc.).
  • The daily almanac (historical high and lower temperatures, moon phases, sunrise/sunset/civil-twilight times). If you find yourself wondering “Is it unseasonably hot (or cold), or is it just regular hot (or cold)?”, then this is the place to check.

In the near future we hope to add:

  • Detailed reports from County Council and City Council meetings.
  • Action alerts for important items.
  • Agenda previews for City and County Council meetings.
  • In depth reports (water, public land issues, overnight rentals, etc.).
  • Real estate report (automatically generated). Historical trend of median home prices, number of units on market in various price categories, newly listed or unlisted properties, etc.

And in the slightly more distant future we might add:

  • Lists of new building permits.
  • Other ideas contributed from readers.

We are currently in an early transitional phase. The robots are happily churning out automatically-generated material — they don’t care if anyone is reading or not. The humans are reluctant to write up meeting reports, action alerts, etc., if no one is reading, so we are trying to add a few readers before the human-authored articles start up.