6-22-20 GC Planning Commission meeting notes

Short summary

  • Planning Commission recommends denial of “Grand Valley” rezone request near Hwy 191 and Plateau Drive. PC is opposed to proposed rezoning (LLR to MFR) along Plateau Drive. PC is split on rezoning GB (General Business) portion of project area to HC.
  • PC recommends approval of revised master plan for Sundance HDHO development. The proposed revision would add two additional deed-restricted lots (increase from 40 to 42 total lots), and would make relatively minor changes to building configurations (e.g. changing some units from close-but-detached to attached).
  • PC discussed LUC amendments to allow existing overnight accommodations to expand, but only with a favorable County Council vote (same as for new OA developments).
  • PC continued preliminary work on a small area plan for the Hwys 313/191 area (313 junction to airport). First step will be an online survey to gather public input.

Members and Staff Present: Emily Campbell, Kevin Walker,  Rachel Nelson, Bryon Watson, Gerrish Willis; GCC Liaison Jaylyn Hawks; Staff – Zacharia  Levine and Abbey Scott

County Council updates

Zacharia reported GCC revisited Strawburb PUD and voted to approve the PUD (which reversed the previous vote on Strawburb PUD).

GCC member Jaylyn noted: GCC will hold a June 30 special meeting re economic development; 6-19-20 Covid briefing from UT Dept. of Health, Angela Dunn, State Epidemiologist: over 600 new cases; 3x the rate in CO.  ICU’s will be full in July moving at this rate; Hospital beds are filling up; Need to reach a rolling average of 200 new cases/day otherwise, need to move entire state to orange. 

Recent Bldg. Permit Review – Abbey

  • 3 permits approved for mfg. homes; 1 single family home, and 22 Wingate development residential units
  • This info is not currently available on GC website.  Staff is working toward making available to the public a GIS app on GC website so residents can click on to get info on new construction/projects

Redevelopment Standards for OAOs

Discussion summary: 

  • PC agreed that expansion of overnight accomodations (OAs) is not a use-by-right; should require a GCC vote (“legislative decision”), same as new OA developments. 
  • Could consider a minor/major expansion definition; minor could be administrative decision, major would be legislative decision after PC review and recommendation. 
  • General agreement expansion of # of bedrooms, and a change in use (i.e. from RV park to condos) is legislative and that County should get some benefit from that type of redevelopment/expansion application.  
  • “Soft” standards might be a good approach, so that GCC can act legislatively and say “no” to a proposed redevelopment/expansion; otherwise criteria/standards could morph into use-by-right category. 
  • Maybe a slight preference for adding bedrooms to an existing OAO vs a completely new OAO development, which could displace other diverse commercial development. 
  • Staff creating google doc for PC input and discussion at next meeting.

5 p.m. Public Comments

Reed Pendleton (developer/applicant for Willow Spring RV Park in Hwy 191/313 area): Need to emphasize mixed use along the 313/191 area; concerns about the survey Q’s for the 313/191 Area Plan; noted that most OAO are owned by investment corp’s so why not make them comply w/ the new standards for the entire OAO development when/if they request a redevelopment/expansion.

Public Hearings

Grand Valley Rezone 1880 Skyline from GB/HC/LLR to MFR

SUMMARY:  Request for a rezone for 19.37 acres on Skyline Drive, which is in the Multi-Family Residential (MFR) eligibility district, from HC, GB (gen. bus.) and LLR (large lot residential) to all MFR.  Staff recommended a modification to the application – HC (which accommodates residential) and MFR.  PC members and citizens commented on keeping the LLR zone along the back/southern portion of the lot (maintaining density consistent with other developments in the Plateau Drive area, traffic, etc.), maintaining HC and possibly GB zones to allow for more commercial development – since HC and GB lands are very limited in the County.  PC voted 5-1 to recommend a denial of the current rezone application to the GCC, and based on a straw poll, will recommend to GCC that the LLR portion not be rezoned, and were split on whether the GB portion should be rezoned to HC (which allows residential and more suited to highway access) or retained as GB. Applicant noted that he would consult with partners regarding modifying application after hearing the PC discussion.

Sundance HDHO-10 Public Hearing

  • Proposal to add two more units to the 40 approved, totaling 42 units, including 32 units deed restricted
  • Developer noted that using the 80% rule, the 2 new units will be deed restricted, due to having to round up
  • PC noted that the original site plan included only detached single family homes.  Now there are several 4-plexes, single family homes and a pool.  Substituting several attached units for single homes allowed developers to add 2 add’l units – which will be deed restricted, per the 80% requirement of HDHO.
  • No public comments during the hearing.
  • Staff noted ~10 HDHO units remaining before we hit the 300 unit cap
  • PC members ask staff to do a better job in the future highlighting differences between approved master plans and proposed revisions.

VOTE – 6-0 in favor of adding 2 units to the HDHO permit

Small Area Plan 313/191

Summary:  PC and Staff reviewed the draft Survey Q’s, and PC agreed to provide input on Survey Q’s by COB Thursday, June 25.  PC has recently reviewed rezone applications and felt it needed better guidelines to make recommendations to the GCC  for approving/denying the applications and should keep this in mind when drafting the small area plan. PC agreed that framing the issue and presenting alternatives to the public should include the current zoning and alternative zoning options. 

Future Considerations

Zacharia – Has resigned from GC effective Aug. 7.  Accepted position at Synergy Co. The GCC and County Administrator will decide whether to hire a replacement or move staff up – depending on budget resources.  It’s possible the GCC will move Econ. Development to another department.