Grand County Council meeting preview 2020-06-30

Grand County Council will be holding a special meeting on Tuesday, June 30, 2020 at 3PM. There are two basic topics for the meeting which include a discussion on the direction that economic development will take in Grand County (see TI article announcing Zacharia’s resignation HERE), and Grand County’s preferred Covid-19 phased guideline status along with the possibility of including mandatory face coverings. Some interesting background reading on the topic can be found in these two fairly recent articles:

Although the discussions will take some time, the written agenda is short so I include most of the document here. Meeting begins at 3pm and you will find instructions within the body of the agenda for participating as a citizen:

Citizens to Be Heard

We are receiving public comments by phone and online through Zoom.
Dial: (669) 900 – 6833 Meeting ID: 868 5577 2562 #
Password (if needed): 915505
Please note that when joining the meeting, you will be placed in a waiting room and will be added to the meeting by the moderator. Your comments will be recorded and on YouTube.

Discussion Items

  • A. Discussion on the possibilities of restructuring Building Inspection, Planning and Zoning, and Active Transportation and Trails as divisions under a department titled “Grand County Community Development Department”. (Council Administrator Baird)
  • B. Discussion on the possibilities of restructuring and re-titling the “Moab Area Travel Council” to “Grand County Economic Development Department”, and expanding the duties of such department to include diversified economic development activities alongside the establishment of tourism, recreation, and film. (Council Administrator Baird)

General Business- Action Items- Discussion and Consideration of:

  • C. Discussion and consideration of notifying the South Eastern Utah Health Department of Grand County’s preferred COVID-19 phased guideline status and/or other requests regarding COVID-19 mitigations possibly including mandatory face coverings (Councilmember Wells, and Council Chair McGann)
  • D. Approving amended job description for the “Community and Economic Development Director” position to remove economic development duties, re-title [TBD], reclassify the pay Grade from 20 to 18, and authorize recruitment. (Chris Baird, Council Administrator)

Updates and Looking Ahead

Grand Valley – Rezone: The Planning Commission voted to send an unfavorable recommendation on this proposal to the County Council. Presumably the Council will be considering this at the July 7th meeting. This involves property between Highway 191 and Plateau Drive. It is currently accessed from Skyline Drive. There are just over 19 acres of land across three land use zones (Large Lot Residential, General Business, Highway Commercial). The developer is proposing a rezone of just under 16 acres to Multi-Family Residential (MFR). There is some discrepancy regarding the allowable density for MFR; the staff report 8 per acre (128 total) while the applicant references 14 per acre (224). Currently the property houses a 60 unit dorm style housing for Western River employees.

Sundance Village HDHO: The Planning Commission voted unanimously to send a favorable recommendation of this proposal to the Council and it will presumably be voted on at the July 7th meeting as well. Formerly Sandstone Cottages, (Glen Lent / Alpine Development) is requesting a 42 lot High Density Housing Overlay subdivision (2 lots additional to a previously approved 40 lot HDHO subdivision) on a 4.28-acre parcel at 3058 and 3060 Spanish Valley Drive.

COVID-19 Case Counts: According to the Southeast Utah Health District, Grand County has added 2 active cases and 12 recovered  for a total of 14 COVID-19 cases. Statewide (Utah Coronavirus Update), we’ve seen 4 days of the highest daily increase in cases (644, 593, 641, and 566) during the last 9 days since the pandemic hit our state. There are 21,100 cases (up 3,638 since last week’s update); 1,396 hospitalizations (up 212); and 167 deaths (up 9) as of today, June 28, 2020

Yellow Phase: Ten counties across Utah have moved to the GREEN (new normal phase; Salt Lake City is in ORANGE; the rest of the State, including Grand County remains YELLOW. See a county by county map by clicking HERE). On this map you will note that Summit and Salt Lake Counties have enacted a mandatory face coverings order. Phased guidelines for the different color coding can be found by clicking on these different colors: GREEN (new normal)YELLOW (low risk)ORANGE (moderate risk). Individuals that are considered high risk should take additional precautions.

Primary Election: The June 30th Primary Election is nearly here (this is the last time you’ll see this announcement!). This election will be conducted totally by mail. In the past, there was an option to turn in ballots at the Clerk’s office but that will no longer be the case. However, the Clerk’s office staff are able and willing to make arrangements for any voters with special needs. Please call 435 259-1321 for more information.

Prohibition of most fireworks: Moab City is prohibiting most fireworks and all fireworks are prohibited within unincorporated Grand County including on BLM, Forest Service, Park Service, State, and private lands.

July 4th Fireworks: Moab City has granted an exemption for the annual firework display – weather permitting. Tune into 97.1 FM “KCYN” to hear music choreographed to the firework display at approximately dark.