2020-06-30 Grand County Council Meeting Report

  • Covid-19: By a vote of 5-2 (Wells, Paxman), the Council voted to request that Governor Herbert allow GC to make face masks/coverings mandatory indoors. If Governor approves, then GCC will draft a mandatory mask ordinance – using Summit and Salt Lake counties’ ordinances as references.
  • Covid-19: Since Governor Herbert has stated he will not consider changing the Covid-19 color-coded phase for any county until ~ July 11, Council agreed to continue monitoring and evaluating local data and will discuss and vote at its 7-7-20 meeting regarding a request that Governor not move GC to Green phase.
  • Discussion on the possibilities of restructuring Building Inspection, Planning and Zoning, and Active Transportation and Trails as divisions under a department titled “Grand County Community Development Department”
    • Chris Baird, County Administrator noted that County organizational chart is very horizontal and needs verticality (best management practice). This could help free up County Administrator office to do more big picture/visionary/executive work. County will soon change form of government and county administrator position will likely become a county executive position with more executive authority; thus, getting department heads in place with more verticality will make the transition easier. No rush to restructure immediately, but keep in mind for future changes.
    • General consensus that Economic Development should be removed from the Planning and Zoning Director’s job description; now is a good time to make that change since Zacharia is leaving and his job description is being re-written, . Brief discussion of perhaps moving Active Trails and Transportation out of P&Z and into Sand Flats Recreation Area division.
    • Agreed to advertise for Planning & Zoning Director, which will be grade 18. County Administrator will draft job description for approval by GCC and start advertising. Want to have someone on board by the time Zacharia leaves in first week in August.
  • Discussion of the possibilities of restructuring and re-titling the “Moab Area Travel Council” to the “Grand County Economic Development Department” and expanding the duties of such department to include diversified economic development activities alongside the establishment of tourism, recreation and film
    • Consensus that in the short term, Elaine Gizler, Travel Council director, has the expertise and can handle the grant applications that fund the County’s economic development activities. Also agreed that GCC needs to articulate objectives and benchmarks for economic development and diversity if we’re going to have an Economic Development Department and that GCC needs to reach out to City, USU, Chamber of Commerce, etc. Also noted that perhaps some of the Travel Council’s TRT (transient room tax) revenues could be used for promoting economic development in the future.
    • County Administrator will draft job description for short-term economic development job and submit to GCC.