2020-07-23 Moab City Planning Commission Meeting Report

The meeting was brief, lasting slightly less than 18 minutes.

The agenda included a single action item on a minor subdivision on Bowen Circle. The owner requested a subdivision of a single lot into two lots. Both new lots fit the area requirements for the zone. One of the lots will be a flag lot which is consistent with zoning regulations. Flag lots can occur to provide street access to a property behind a lot located on the street.  The resolution to approve a recommendation to the City Council passed unanimously. 

Under future agenda items three items were discussed. First, Chair Marienfeld reported receiving questions about construction on 100 S 300 E. Planning Staff Cory Shurtleff said the construction is for the Moab 3rd Street Town Homes. This is a five unit development that is a use by right within the R3 zone. The PC will not review the development. The other two items were both future minor subdivisions. Cory Shurtleff said the PC could see more of these minor subdivisions as property owners evaluate how to use their properties more efficiently.