07-28-2020 Moab City Council Report


COVID update. The scheduled speaker didn’t materialize. Apparently the Waste Water Treatment Plant influent COVID monitoring is showing an increase, which would indicate that there are cases in the community which may, or may not, be part of the official count.

The City Attorney updated on Lions Back litigation. There will be a conference on the current status before the trial court judge on 8/11. The Utah Supreme Court declined to hear the appeal. The developer is not interested in pursuing the ZSA (Zoning Status Agreement) further. developer will presumably proceed  w/ ’09 approvals, possibly beginning with casitas, rather than hotel.


The North Sewer Project is complete. Change orders (resulting in a reduction paid to contractor due to who purchased what) were approved. This provides new sewer service to the area along 191 from the Colorado River Bridge south a ways. It allows current and future properties to not have septic systems, or lift stations.

ADA at Center St. Gym. Purchase, partly by grant, of people lifts for the Center St. Gym to facilitate accessibility was approved.

Walnut Lane. A zone change of a split zoned property from R2/R4 to R4 was approved. This is consistent with adjacent zoning, and precedent.

Temporary outdoor dining. There was a discussion about staff implementing emergency measures to allow temporary outdoor dining, especially in public rights of way, during 2020 and The Pandemic. After a brief review of such measure implementation elsewhere, and a cordial exchange of ideas, the Council directed staff to proceed with developing such measures throughout the city, without limitation as to days of week, with communication with neighboring businesses who may also utilize parking in the ROW which may become temporary dining, and for a duration through the end of November.

City property. There was a discussion about developing city administrative procedures for a change in use (i.e. community gardens, play or recreational equipment) of city real property (i.e. land) in nonemergency situations (i.e., not like the emergency dining above). Staff seemed to glean clarity despite a range of opinions, and will return with a proposal or more questions.