RD’s Moab City Council Meeting Preview 2020-08-11

[Editor’s note: Both Rani Derasary and Mike Duncan have graciously agreed to let MADAR reuse their regular email updates to constituents. Despite the overlap, we are running both versions of the MCC previews. Readers can choose to read both, either or neither of the previews.]

Here is a summary of agenda items for our upcoming August 11 City Council meeting (budget, Lionsback update, minor subdivision on Bowen Circle). We haven’t had a workshop in a bit, but please note that this meeting will have one beginning at 6:30pm regarding Moab’s greenhouse gas inventory and ongoing project. I’ve included a few miscellaneous items at the end re COVID-19, temporary closure of part of the Millcreek Parkway due to Grand County Middle School construction, and the Census.

Tuesday, August 11 City Council meeting – 6:30pm workshop + main meeting at 7:00pm, online only. Per Executive Order 2020-5 issued by Governor Gary Herbert on March 18, 2020, the meeting will be conducted electronically and an anchor location will not be provided. However, you can watch this meeting online live (or after the fact) on the City’s YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl00z0Zgdmz4y1FoI0l7CJA

How to submit Citizens to be Heard comments for these electronic meetings.Since we won’t all be at a physical location where you can come read your comments to us in person on August 11, staff have put the Citizens to be Heard form online. You can use this link to submit a comment of up to 400 words before 7:00pm on August 11: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSctVokQ-Lj1eMAGSn1ZK1NhSlq0nEEKm-CpgSuUCswPpUOjQw/viewform 

As noted in the past, comments will not be read aloud at our online meeting; however, Council members have committed to reading all submitted comment forms before 7:00pm, August 11. Please note that any comments received will be attached to the meeting record. Submitted comments for past electronic meetings can be read here: https://moabcity.org/151/City-Council (see date links in right column).

The packet for the August 11 meeting is just 47 pages long and can be found here: https://moabcity.org/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Agenda/_08112020-955?packet=true.

If you prefer the 2-page agenda only, with links to packet parts, that is here: https://moabcity.org/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Agenda/_08112020-955

Agenda highlights:

6:30pm workshop: Presentation of Greenhouse Gas Inventory for Grand County and the City of Moab 

The agenda summary on packet pages 3-4 explains how the City and County worked with ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability and consultant Claire Buysse to generate a report estimating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions resulting from activities in our area in 2018. The information will serve as a baseline to help us understand our progress in reducing emissions moving forward. Please read through the draft report “Grand County, UT 2018 Inventory of Greenhouse Gas Emissions” on pages 5-29 as it’s packed with information including: a breakdown of what sectors are contributing to our emissions (eg transporation; commercial, residential and industrial energy, etc.); what steps will follow report completion (establishing an emissions reduction target, developing and implementing a climate action plan aimed at meeting the target, plus associated monitoring and reporting); how climate change might impact our area, and the benefits of working to reduce emissions; the role of carbon dioxide versus nitrous oxide and methane; what sectors the City and County can impact most; why you report on both GHG emission “sources” and “activities”; what data we have, and what we don’t; related questions the consultant still has; and more! I’m guessing this initial workshop will be followed by another as there is a lot of information to digest in here!

COVID-19 Updates

There are no pages in our packet for this item, but usually City staff, the Mayor, Southeast Utah Health Department and/or Moab Regional Hospital staff offer an update with the latest information on the pandemic as well as an opportunity for Council to ask related questions.

Budget Update

This is noted under administrative reports as item 6.1. At our July 28 meeting City Manager Linares noted that staff had just received the July sales tax figures. (These actually reflect May transactions, as there’s a 2-month lag for that data to get to us.) I’m guessing that we’ll be getting an update from Finance Director Klint York on August 11 about how the July (ie May) numbers impact the City budget moving forward.

Presentation on Lionsback Master Planned Development (MPD) 

This is on our agenda as a presentation only to offer background information on the project and explain next steps. The agenda summary on pages 36-38 among other things: summarizes some key project history; explains that the project is vested as approved in 2008/2009; that the governing documents are the December 2008 Pre-Annexation Agreement and September 2009 Development and Phasing Agreement; lays out the proposed residential unit number (257 units) and type (mix of hotel suites, 1- to 2-story casitas (they seem to range 1300-3000 square feet in size), and employee housing), and notes maximum number of units under the SAR (Sensitive Area Resort) zoning would be 400 units; lists additional approved uses from a car wash to sports facilities; notes proposed open space and trails (including an easement to maintain the Hells Revenge Trail); explains that there will be 5 phases, that no application has been filed by the developer yet, but the first phase is anticipated to include 30-40 casita units; notes that the City Engineer is determining what improvements will be required for the first phase; and states that staff have had some discussion with developer LB Moab Land LLC about how to proceed and: “Each phase will have to come in for Final Plat approval. We have not yet determined what the public process will be. The City Council will be updated as discussions continue.” Please read the agenda summary in full for more details, as there were more than I can effectively summarize here. FYI pages 40-41 are a location map and open space plan. I’m not sure what page 39 is. Also, the agenda summary references that attachment 2 is supposed to be “Approved Preliminary MPD” but I don’t see that attached; I’ll inquire with staff about getting that added, as well as those 2008 and 2009 agreements noted above.

Proposed Resolution 34-2020: Resolution conditionally approving the Lawrence Minor Subdivision at 479 Bowen Circle, as referred to Council by the Moab Planning Commission

This is on our agenda as a briefing and possible action. The agenda summary, resolution, map and plat on pages 42-47 explain where this is, that it’s located in the R2 residential zone; how the lot would be split; how that split would impact the existing home and accessory dwelling unit; and how City code permits for a minor subdivision of less than 5 lots to be reviewed without a public hearing.

That’s it for our August 11 City Council meeting, except: aside from what’s listed above, the meeting will contain standard items such as: reports from Council, Mayor, City Manager and selected staff; approval of minutes – this time for July 28 (covered on pages 30-35 of our packet); Citizens to be Heard (please see above for how this works under electronic meetings – you can submit your comments on any topic); and payment of the bills. 

Miscellaneous other items

COVID-19: local case count up to 49

As of Sunday night, the Southeast Utah Health Department (https://www.seuhealth.com/) is reporting we’ve had a total of 49 positive COVID-19 tests for folks living here, 5 of which are active, and there is currently 1 person hospitalized. By comparison, Carbon County is up to 52 cases thus far; 23 of their cases are active, with 1 in hospital. Emery has only had 16 positives thus far, and currently has 1 active case.

Section of Millcreek Parkway to be temporarily closed due to Middle School construction

For those of you not on the City Facebook page: “The section of Mill Creek Parkway from 400 East to 300 South will be temporarily closed to the public beginning Aug. 10. The closure will protect public safety while Middle School construction crews work in that area. Please follow the detour signs at 400 N and 300 S.” The closure may last a few weeks

Census boost!

Just in case you somehow haven’t filled it out yet, the City Facebook page is also reminding folks to complete their 2020 Census. This really is important for our community, so this is my quick plug to git’er done! Here’s the post content: IT ONLY TAKES A FEW MINUTES – PLEASE BE COUNTED! The Census Count will end in September. The U.S. Census determines how many seats each state gets in the House of Representatives and the makeup of state and local governments. Also, how much funding our community will get for public schools, health clinics, fire departments, and more. Help strengthen our community‚Äôs future — complete the 2020 Census. Visit the website my2020census.gov and Be Counted today! #2020census#BeCounted

That’s it for the moment. As always, please accept my apologies for any errors I may have made in haste here, and do let me know if you have questions.