2020-08-13 Moab City Planning Commission Meeting Report

The Planning Commission agenda for Aug. 13 can be found here: https://moabcity.org/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Agenda/_08132020-960?packet=true

Lionsback Resort

The major portion of the meeting was a presentation on the Lionsback development. This was the same presentation given to the Moab City Council at its recent meeting.

  • Current construction along the Sand Flat road is for water and sewer connections to Moab City’s systems. The city is doing daily inspections. The work must meet the requirements for aquifer protection including the requirements for drinking water source protection zones.
  • The development will be done under the the 2008 Master Planned Development submitted by LB Moab and approved by Moab City Council. The development is consistent with the Sensitive Area Resort Zone requirements. (If I recall correctly this zone was created specifically for this area).
  • At this point the preliminary plat permits development of up to 400 housing units that would include 50 hotel suites, 179 casitas, and 18 employee housing units. The final plat could be different than the preliminary plat. There are other approved uses including a car wash/repair and maintenance garage, and various recreational uses. Some of the platted casitas could be duplexes so the number of housing units could be higher than 179.
  • The project will be developed in 5 phases with development requirements for each phase. No application has been filed by the developer to begin any phase of the project.
  • There is a great deal more information available on the Moab City website.

Future agenda items

Two minor subdivisions will be discussed in the near future. One of those is the Abbey development (two words I am not used to seeing together). The Abbey subdivision is located at Powerhouse Lane/Mill Creek Dr.

Hot spot funding originally intended for a downtown parking garage could be used for other projects including parking modifications on 100 North and 100 South that would resemble the parking areas by the city and county buildings. Other possibilities include a multipurpose trail south of town, constructing “bulb out” crossings on Main Street.

Moab Area Housing Task Force will report in the future.

Walnut Lane property. There will be a presentation about the city’s Walnut Lane property and development plans in the near future.

Outdoor seating/dining. The City is considering a temporary ordnance permitting outdoor seating/dining. There will be requirements not to conflict with pedestrian traffic. Some current private parking areas could be temporarily converted to seating.