2020-08-24 Grand County Planning Commission Meeting Report

PC agenda and packet can be viewed here.

Discussion of 313/191 Small Area Plan

Staff gave update on the SAP Survey results:

  • There have been over 500 respondents so far.
  • Respondents overwhelmingly support protecting the scenic viewshed, the natural undeveloped character, and natural resources (including limited groundwater) of the gateway to our community.
  • There was overwhelming support for no or minimal development in the area.
  • If development is allowed, public parking areas and outdoor education are the two options mentioned most frequently by respondents.
  • Respondents strongly oppose overnight accommodations (including RV campgrounds) and dense housing developments.
  • Postcards urging folks to take the survey were sent to all property owners and registered voters, and should hit mailboxes later this week.

Planning commission members comments’ about vision statement and general criteria of the SAP:

  • Bob noted that the survey responses make clear that visual resources are the most important value in this area and impacts to the outstanding scenic values must be minimized.
  • Rachel commented that residents have noted that wildlife, wildlife habitat and the overall naturalness of the area should be taken into account. The area is still relatively undeveloped and survey responses haven’t indicated a compelling reason to allow significant changes. People want the area to stay generally as it is now.
  • Josie noted that scenic values, dark skies, and ecology go hand in hand with protecting the natural character of the area. She also noted that perhaps outdoor education type development in the area could help educate visitors about desert ethic and how to enjoy our public lands and community more responsibly.
  • Bryon commented that his preference is to keep the vision statement simple. Also noted that the SAP should consider private property owners in the area.
  • Kevin commented that natural quiet should be factored into the resource values, since the highway is not heard from many areas slightly removed from the highway corridor. Also, density and the sheer number of buildings allowed should be addressed, since the density of development will eventually change the character of the area.

Scenic Viewsheds. Staff reported that other communities’ land use codes that have scenic viewshed protections include language that describe the importance and value of the scenic viewshed to the community and use geographic overlay maps to delineate the scenic viewshed boundary. Some communities use visual resource analysis from various view points, and address foreground and ridgeline/skyline views in order to minimize visual disruption. Kevin noted that GC’s current Land Use Code contains some viewshed protection criteria for reference. The viewshed analysis approach will be discussed at the workshop with Grand County Commission next Tuesday, Sept. 1

Staff will provide a spread sheet to PC members to comment on the various uses in the Resort Special, Highway Commercial and Range & Grazing zones (the three zones currently in the SAP area) for comments and will compile input for the worksop with Grand County Commission, Tuesday, Sept. 1.

Public Hearing on various Land Use Code (LUC) amendments.

These amendments are to bring the GC LUC into conformance with state statutes and GC Recorder practices

  • Article 4 – HDHO plat language changed to comply with GC Recorder’s preferred procedures
  • Article 5 – add minimum lot size requirements
  • Article 9 – public notice requirements, conform plat amendment process to be consistent w/ state law, set reasonable time frame for response from Grand County Commission to rezone applications, revise constitutional “takings” review and appeal procedures to be consistent with state law.

Motion approved 7-0:

Action Items

All American Acres Prelim Plat for 4-lot subdivision and replat, 4401 Easy Street, Kay Sackman and Erik Hansen applicants. Applicants request the currently approved 2-lot subdivision be amended to a 4-lot subdivision.  There will not be CCRs or HOA; applicants will have a maintenance and common ownership agreement for the property owned in common, i.e. access road.

Approved 6-0-1 (Bryon had to leave meeting a few minutes before the vote)

Viewgate Terrace Phase 2 Prelim Plat for 4-lot HDHO subdivision (approved Prelim Plat), 1248 S. Hwy 191, Will Hansen applicant. Staff reported that this is phase 2 of the approved HDHO-35 behind Wingate Hotel.  A couple minor conditions on prelim plat still need review but will be finalized prior to final plat approval (hydrological issues and roadway improvements).

Motion passed 6-0-1 (Bryon absent).

Discussion Items

Future planning projects and priorities. PC members agreed that the next PC meeting will be used to finish work on the draft SAP. The SAP schedule might need to be extended by a couple weeks if GCC agrees that a scenic resource analysis should be included in the SAP.

The planning projects that will be discussed and prioritized after PC completes its responsibilities on the draft SAP include:

  • Overnight Accommodations Updates / Amendments
  • Use table review
  • General Plan update
  • Airport Small Area Plan
  • Open Space & Parks Plan
  • Town home density bonus
  • Sustainability Code updates
  • Night lighting – minor tweak