2020-08-25 Moab City Council meeting report

This meeting had a very light agenda. No guests or much news regarding COVID. The Council had discussion about when they might resume in-person meetings; most seemed inclined to err on the side of council and audience safety and continue monitoring the local Pandemic metrics and reconsider as conditions warrant, but not change at this time. One councilor advocated for resuming in-person meetings sooner rather than later, as many businesses are open and managing their risks. 

No citizens to be heard comments were submitted for this meeting. The Council expressed unanimous support for changing to a live CTBH format, whereby citizens could make their statement via Zoom.

The existing Walnut Lane trailer stock is degraded and degenerating faster than the new housing will be built. Staff is working on interim options to provide existing tenants with decent housing until new housing is available, including helping those that qualify to move into other locations, and housing units that could be resold and moved. There are no options that will meet everyone’s’ needs and not incur additional costs. The WAHOO fund (from fees assessed from new hotels for housing) is up to $1.6M. Lots of discussion, but basically, still waiting for more data and analysis from staff before options will be well understood.