Moab City Planning Commission Meeting Report 2020-08-27

The agenda included four action items

The Planning Commission recommended that the City Council approve three minor subdivisions. All comply with current zoning.

  • A lot at 1040 Pear Tree Lane will be subdivided into two lots.
  • A lot at 241 East 100 North will be subdivided into two lots.
  • A lot at 165 East 200 North will be subdivided into two lots.

The Planning Commission passed a resolution extending the conditional approval of the preliminary plat for the Abbey Subdivision for one year. This includes 66 single family homes, 16 twin homes, and 4 estate lots (greater than one acre). This gives the developer one year before being required to submit a proposed final plat for the development. The final plat could be proposed any time in the next year.

Future agenda items included a discussion about Millcreek Drive. A business owner in the R2 Zone would like to enlarge the business. The business is permitted because it was in existence at the time the R2 Zone was created. However, since this is a nonconforming use, expanding buildings would not be permitted.

The Planning Commission may be reviewing the zoning along Millcreek Drive in the future. Use of Millcreek Drive is increasing and will increase even more as the Abbey Subdivision and Lionsback Resort are developed. (I think if the USU campus is developed it too will contribute to traffic on Millcreek even though full development will happen over many years if not a couple of decades.)

Moab City hired Landmark Design to draft a “small area plan.” According to Nora Shepard this resulted in only a few graphics. Moab City is also  engaged in the Millcreek Collaborative. Mayor Niehaus attends the collaboration meetings. Presumably this includes concerns with Millcreek Drive and surrounding lands.