Grand County Planning Commission Meeting Report 2020-10-12

The PC agenda and packet can be viewed here.

Overnight Accommodations discussion

Environmental Education Centers. There was discussion about what the term EEC means to PC members and to members of the community. In the Hwy 313/191 Small Area Plan survey, there was support for EECs, but it appears there’s not a general consensus as to what the term means. PC agreed to continue the discussion, including examining whether EECs should be treated similarly to or different than other Overnight Accommodation developments, or whether EECs should have a lodging component at all.

B&Bs. Currently, existing B&Bs are legal non-conforming uses. Although this is a legal designation and allows existing B&Bs to continue operations, there has been some interest by B&B owners to be included in the Overnight Accommodations Overlay (OAO), i.e. have OAO polygons drawn around each existing B&B unit. PC will review draft regulations (that were not adopted due to existing B&Bs being considered legal nonconforming uses) for future consideration of allowing some existing B&Bs to have the OAO applied to them.

Action Items

Walking Horse Subdivision Prelim. Plat, 4329 Sunny Acres Lane, 4 lot subdivision; Todd Beeman, applicant. Admin. decision. No controversial issues. Approved 6-0 (Emily C. absent).

Murphy Flats HDHO-15 Prelim. Plat, 1189 Murphy Lane, 34 condo units including 27 deed restricted; Courtney Kizer, applicant. Admin. decision. Applicant previously approved for 37 units; has decreased development to 34 units. Pursuant to HDHO regulations, 80% must be deed restricted. PC Approved w/ the 28 (not 27) deed restricted units 6-0 (Emily C. absent).