Grand County Commission and Moab City Council Joint Meeting Report 2020-10-20

The packet with draft resolutions and ordinances can be viewed here.

Three agenda items were discussed and voted on.

  • Approving joint resolution to formally initiate proceedings to amend the Grand County Land Use Code and the Moab Municipal Code to amend those relevant portions permitting vehicle sales, rentals, or leasing, commercial outdoor recreational uses, and outfitter, guide services and facilities and to impose a moratorium on issuing new business licenses for the sale, rental, or leasing of all-terrain vehicles (ATV), commercial outdoor recreational uses involving an ATV, and ATV outfitting, guiding, and touring and to impose a moratorium on issuing new special events permits for ATV vendors, associations, and groups. GCC approved 5-1-1 (Wells opposed, Paxman recused); MCC approved 4-1 (Boyd opposed).
  • Approving ordinance to establish speed limits for off-highway vehicles (OHV), not including motorcycles, in the City of Moab. MCC approved  4-1 (Boyd opposed)
  • Approving ordinance to establish speed limits for off-highway vehicles (OHV), not including motorcycles, in Grand County. GCC approved  4-2-1 (Hawks and Curtis opposed, Paxman recused).

Two related issues were discussed.

  • Discussion on enforcement challenges regarding off-highway vehicles (OHV).
    • The City Attorney noted there are industry standards for sound tests and wants community input on appropriate decibel level, distance, other factors.  Moab City Councilmember Mike Duncan has done a lot of research and noted that distance and decibel level are both important.
    • Police Chief Edge commented that proving beyond reasonable doubt that a particular vehicle is the noise offender is required for successful prosecution.
  • Discussion on possible legislative action regarding off-highway vehicle (OHV) use.
    • Mayor Niehaus suggested that to make Moab quieter, fewer noisy vehicles on streets would be helpful. Suggested requiring non-resident UTVs be trailered to trail heads. Various other members agreed it would help and want to continue the discussion. They also want more legal info and if such regulation would need UT legislative approval.
    • County Attorney Sloan agreed it’s worth looking into this. Also suggested a minor TRT (transient room tax) reform; possible ATV state tax (that could be distributed to counties for ATV law enforcement purposes, since state law makes driving ATVs on city and county roads legal); and ultimately tweaking the state statute that makes ATV use on city/county roads legal. Suggested working with UAC (Utah Assoc. of Counties) on these issues to get better reception at state legislature.