Moab City Planning Commission Meeting Report 2020-11-12

The Moab Planning Commission Meeting agenda was light with one action item, one discussion item, and a discussion of future agenda items.

Resolution #41-2020, a Resolution Conditionally Approving the MAPS Phase III Minor Subdivision of Property Located at Care Campus Drive. The Planning Commission discussed and approved a minor subdivision of a lot owned by Canyonlands Healthcare Special Service District. The parcel was split between C2 and R4 Zones. The resolution separates the parcel so that each of the two new parcels is either C2 or R4. The C2 parcel is directly north and across the street from the hospital. The R4 parcel is adjacent to the C2 parcel but also extends further north. The R4 parcel does not include a right of way that would connect Park Drive west to 500 West. There are no current plans for development but this would facilitate developing hospital related businesses north of the hospital.

Discussion of the Moab City Code Compliance department by compliance officer Mona Pompili. She listed a number of common violations including storage of junk, debris, inoperable/unlicensed vehicles, conducting business without a license, weeds on property, camping, using a recreational vehicle as a dwelling, construction without a permit, and grease trap discharge limit violations. She also described the process for dealing with compliance violations.

  • Code enforcement is a complaint driven process. Someone must file a complaint with the city to initiate a compliance investigation. The form to initiate a investigation is on the Moab City website. It can be found under links FOR RESIDENTS or FOR BUSINESS. It can also be found at this link:
  • The name of the individual remains confidential throughout the investigation.
  • Mona Pompili presented her role as achieving compliance but not being punitive. But her investigation flow chart indicated that noncompliance could result in forwarding the complaint to the City Prosecutor for legal action. 

Discussion of future agenda items.

  • The Dec. 10 meeting will be the last one of the year. There will likely be another minor subdivision on the agenda.
  • The Grand County EMS building should be on the agenda in the near future. There may some Lions Back resolutions in the near future.
  • The City Council will be setting priorities in January.
  • There was a brief discussion about the development on Walnut Lane. The first phase of the development will be four 2 story duplexes that will probably house the remaining residents of the city owned trailer park. The next phase will probably be an apartment building with 30 housing units. The total development will be around 80 units.