Moab City Planning Commission Meeting Report 2020-12-10

The Moab City Planning Commission agenda for Dec. 10, 2020 included two action items. 

A zone change request from R2 to C5 for the Western Spirit property at 478 Millcreek Drive. This meeting included a public hearing for the zoning request. Three comments were received, one opposing, one supporting, and one not recommending approval or denial.

The current use is a non-conforming use for the R2 zone which is largely residential with a few other activities allowed such as daycare, agriculture, schools, places of worship, etc. The C5 Zone is designed as a mixed use zone including residential and some types of business. The current structure on the property needs replacement but this would be difficult since reconstruction would mean the only option is to remain within the same footprint. After a fairly long discussion the Planning Commission voted unanimously to forward Moab City Ordnance 2021-04 to the Moab City Council with a favorable recommendation.

The Planning Commission approved Planning Resolution #03-2020 which conditionally approves a Level II Site Plan Application for the Grand County EMS Building on property located at 100 N 540 E. This site plan approval includes approving the demolition of an already existing building which has already occurred. The Level II site plan approval does not include a building permit and there are a number of conditions in order obtain a building permit. The Planning Commission stated they wanted Dark Sky lighting fixtures to be part of the engineering plan for construction.

Future agenda items included a proposed extension for the Kane Creek Condos and a proposal for the Walnut Lane property.