Meeting Preview for 2021-01-19 GCC meeting

The agenda and packet for the 2021-01-19 meeting can be found here:

Zoom info — Dial: (669) 900-6833 Meeting ID: 867 1625 2356 # Password (if needed): 279317 Link:

Or search for “grand county utah government” on YouTube.

Here are some of the more interesting agenda items:

  • Item C – Creekside Estates PUD. This proposal would subdivide six acres into six lots, but some of the lots would be smaller than one acre. The underlying base zone (Rural Residential) calls for one acre minimum lot sizes, and many of the neighbors are objecting on this basis. Grand County’s Land Use Code encourages this sort of clustering.
  • Item J – Support for state park in Dalton Wells area. This area has seen heavy camping impacts, and State Sovereign Lands (not the same thing as SITLA) is proposing that a state park (Utahraptor State Park) be established here to bring some order to the madness.
  • Item K – Renewing Utah Association of Counties membership. At the last meeting UAC tried very hard to persuade Grand County to remain a member. At this meeting Grand County will decide whether it wants to remain a member.
  • Item S – Discussion on county redistricting. Grand County will be redrawing its County Commission district boundaries in 2021, using new census data. This agenda item starts the discussion on how to go about doing this.