Moab City Planning Commission Meeting Report 2021-01-14

The Planning Commission had three action items on the Agenda:

1. Election of officers: Kya Marienfeld was unanimously elected to continue as chair. Jessica O’Leary was elected as vice-chair. 

2. Public hearing on a zoning map amendment to change the Western Spirit property at 478 Mill Creek Drive from R-2 Residential to the C-5 Neighborhood Commercial Zone. This was considered during the last PC meeting. Apparently the public notice for that meeting was inadequate “regarding standardized information of options for public participation in the virtual Public Hearing…” The Planning Commission again voted to approve the zoning change. The agenda for this evening’s meeting included instructions to make comments by phone and online comments through Zoom for the meeting. The PC is making it easy for the public to comment in writing or via voice on a phone. 

3. The PC considered the 1-year extension of a Level II site plan extension for the Four Corners Community Behavioral Health Moab Clinic and Clubhouse located at 76 E 300 N Moab, UT. The Four Corners Behavioral Health Moab Clinic and Clubhouse requested a one year extension of their previously approved site plan. This is necessary “Due to changes in financing conditions resulting from COVID-19. Current Moab code allows for such extensions. The Planning Commission voted unanimously to approve the extension. 

Discussion of future agenda items and other issues:

Planning Director Nora Shepherd discussed a number of issues currently facing the City. Moab will be looking at new regulations for ATVs. (Grand County is also considering new regulations.) Some current code sections will need to be amended including new definitions and zone by zone permitted uses. The plan is to make business licenses consistent with zoning ordinances. There is expected to be legislation in the Utah legislature that may permit Moab greater control over ATVs in the city. Mayor Niehaus is lobbying the state legislature to give Moab and other cities impacted by ATVs more control over their use within the city. 

The Walnut Lane PAD is moving along. The Planned Affordable Development code needs to be reviewed and perhaps modified slightly. Differences in language between the city and the SE Utah Housing Authority need to be consistent. Parking is a sticking point. There should an application for a building permit for the first eight units, along with a final site plan for the full development soon.

Lions Back. A Phase I Final Site Plan for Lion’s Back could arrive during the week of Jan. 18. The Planning Commission approved the Preliminary Site Plan earlier so the City Council will be responsible for approving the Final Site Plan.