Grand County Commission Meeting Report 2021-01-19

This report will not cover every agenda item, but you can view the Agenda and full packet here:

SEUHD Report

  • We’re using all of the vaccine doses we receive, and demand is exceeding supply.
  • SUEHD is getting ~400 doses/week for next few weeks, but hope that supply will increase thereafter.
  • Will likely have drive-through vaccines when we start getting more doses; would likely be in the movie theater parking lot, next door to SEUHD.
  • Have administered 1100 doses with no significant adverse effects.

Select Agenda items

C. Adopting Ordinance to approve Phase II Creekside Estates Planned Unit Development (PUD), with note on Master Plan noting that further subdivision not allowed unless underlying zone (RR) is amended or rezoned.

  • This PUD was approved in 1997, including Phase II; this ordinance will allow clustering of houses, in accordance with the Land Use Code’s PUD ordinance. Staff and Planning Comm’n recommended approval.
  • GCC members discussed the PUD ordinance in general, and as applied to this specific subdivision.
  • Hedin pointed out that the neighbors are strongly opposed to the proposed lot lines (in particular, to the fact that three of the lots are less than one acre). Neighbors feel that the smaller lots will have a negative impact on the area.
  • Members noted that the PUD ordinance, which was approved years ago, specifically encourages clustering to help preserve rural character. They also noted that the owner is not asking for increased density and is merely following the Land Use Code’s PUD requirements.
  • Approved 6-1 (Hedin opposed).

J. Adopting Resolution in support of Utahraptor State Park

  • Grand County has worked closely with the Utah Division of Natural Resources- Sovereign Lands for several years to protect and manage the Dalton Wells area.
  • The creation of a state park would preserve and protect the area where Utahraptor’s first fossils were discovered. In addition to preservation, Utahraptor State Park would facilitate management resources to the already heavily utilized area.
  • There was a bill in the previous Utah legislature to create the State Park but it didn’t get approved in the senate due to funding limitation. The bill sponsor is hopeful the bill will get approved this year.

Approved 7-0.

K. UAC membership renewal for 2021

  • Discussion included concerns over UACs failure to represent interests of Grand County in past years, particularly in legislative matters. Members noted that UAC provides helpful services to other county elected officials, including Treasurer, Assessor, etc.
  • At the previous Commission meeting, UAC fielded questions, concerns and criticism from Commission members, and agreed to do better at representing Grand County’s interest.
  • Commission will send letter to UAC putting UAC on notice the county expects support on specific issues in the coming year, and if that doesn’t happen, Grand County will likely pull out of UAC in 2022.

Approved 6-1 (Clapper opposed)

S. Redistricting Process

  • Grand County will need to redraw its voting districts in 2021 using new census data. We want to have an open, transparent process that involves public input.
  • Commission will consider proposals from three consulting firms at the next meeting.

Other actions taken:

  • Approved letter to Sen. Mitt Romney expressing appreciation for his courage and integrity.
  • Approved an agreement with Enterprise Fleet Management to help manage the county’s fleet of vehicles. The county can save money through a combination of buying at government discount rates and selling used vehicles at market rates at the optimal time.
  • Approved letter to the school board recommending that the new middle school be named for former superintendent Margaret Hopkin.