Grand County Commission meeting report 2021-02-02

Packet is here:

Video is here:

The more interesting agenda items are…

County Administrator Report (youtube 1:20:30). Chris Baird addresses the (false) rumors that the GCC cancelled the Easter Jeep Safari.

Economic Development Department report (youtube 49:00). Long and interesting report by Elaine Gizler on ongoing economic development activities.

Citizens to be Heard and HDHO interpretation (youtube 1:58:30). Steve Evers (HDHO developer) spoke about a dispute in interpreting HDHO eligibility requirements. County Attorney Christina Sloan briefly responded. There will be a more thorough discussion at the next GCC meeting.

Item H – Approving budget amendment for Fund 23 (youtube 2:16:42). This budget adjustment sets the stage for the county to begin spending TRT promotion money on “stay on the trail” type messaging within Grand County. The packet lists some possible expenditures:

  • Additional signage and barriers along trails. Large kiosk at every major Trailhead, with Stay on Trail signage and trail info/rating/map. Additional Stay on Trail, You Are Here, and other informational signage/maps along all trails. Fencing/barriers where needed.
  • Responsible recreation signage in and approaching Moab
  • Social media with effective Stay on Trail messaging.
  • Responsible Recreation posters in hotel rooms, bike/jeep/UTV rental shops, public/private campgrounds, at trailheads, in local businesses
  • Translate Responsible Recreation/Stay on Trail message into relevant visitor languages
  • Media campaign in local papers for Responsible Recreation/Stay on Trail.
  • Local student art contests for logos, graphics, messaging for Stay on Trail/Responsible Recreation.
  • Local artists contests for logos, graphics, messaging for Stay on Trail/Responsible Recreation.
  • Grant programs for local entrepreneurs – Stay on Trail/Responsible Recreation messaging and signage ideas.
  • Shuttle driver participation. They can be huge trail ambassadors w/ their personal messages during shuttles to inform and raise awareness.

Item S – Approving letter to vehicle manufacturers requesting responsible advertising (youtube 2:54:12). Grand County will send a letter to vehicle advertisers and manufacturers scolding them (in a nice way) for promoting illegal off-trail driving in their ads.

Item T – Support and opposition to state legislature bills (youtube 3:02:30).