2021-04-22 Moab City Planning Commission Meeting Report

Moab City Planning Commission meeting April 22, 2021. Agenda can be viewed here.

The original agenda was truncated from three public hearings to a single public hearing. The hearings for the Lions Back development Final Master Plan and the Kane Creek rezone request have been postponed until May 13. There were public notification errors and an electronic commenting program was not activated. This left one action item on the agenda, the preliminary plat approval for the Walnut Lane apartments project.

Walnut Lane Preliminary Plat Public Hearing. The Walnut Lane project was discussed at the last meeting. The public hearing was opened. No written or other public comments were made. The Planning Commission voted unanimously to approve the proposed preliminary plat for the development.  The project is the first Planned Affordable Development (PAD) approved by the city. The first two phases include low income housing units. The third (final) phase will be market rate housing and planned as workforce housing. The properties will be deed restricted when sold.