Grand County public lands vision statement

The original version of yesterday’s GCC meeting report contained a bad link to the public lands vision statement, so here’s a copy of the approved version of the vision statement:

Grand County Commission public lands vision statement 

Public lands are the cornerstone of Grand County’s economy and the quality of life of our residents, providing the community with clean water; quality wildlife habitat; inspiration, quiet, and solitude; rich array of cultural resources; and world-class recreational opportunities. Accordingly, the Grand County Commission’s vision for future management of public lands in the county is as follows: 

• Ensure that future generations are able to enjoy a landscape that is just as magnificent as the one we enjoy today. 

• Support Grand County’s economy by protecting and enhancing the quality of the public lands experience for residents and visitors alike. 

• Protect Grand County’s rivers, watersheds and aquifers; wildlife and habitat; cultural resources; peace and quiet; and undeveloped landscapes and dark night skies. 

• Ensure that federal land managers have sufficient resources to prevent increasing visitation levels from degrading public lands. 

• Minimize user conflict by ensuring that there is a fair allocation of recreational opportunities between non-motorized, mechanized, and motorized forms of recreation. 

• Ensure that natural resource development is compatible with a climate resilient future and the protection of natural landscapes.