Grand County Commission meeting report 2021-06-01

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This was a relatively short and uneventful meeting. All votes were unanimous 6-0 (Mary McGann was absent). The most exciting items in this overall non-exciting meeting were:

  • There will be a new UDOT solar-powered speed radar sign on Highway 128, paid for by Colin Fryer (with Grand County acting as intermediary). Like other similar signs, this will let you know that you are speeding; it will not issue citations.
  • The GCC voted to allow pedal-assist e-bikes on the paved trails north of Moab. Before this becomes official, the BLM will need to take some additional steps. So for the next several weeks e-bikes will still be illegal on these trails. The commission intends to revisit this issue in one year to see if it is working. In the discussion there seemed to be no support for allowing e-bikes on unpaved trails.
  • The GCC adopted new, more streamlined procedures for making purchases.
  • The Blue Hills Road will be slightly realigned near the airport runway to give the runway the FAA-mandated amount of buffer space.
  • At the beginning of the meeting, there were interesting presentations about what the Weed Department and Film Commission have been up to.