Moab City Planning Commission Meeting Report 2021-06-10

The June 10, 2021 Moab City Planning Commission meeting agenda included two items. The meeting lasted 37 minutes and can be viewed here The agenda and minutes of the last meeting can be found here

1. The Planning Commission closed the comment period that was left open from the last meeting concerning a new ordinance permitting outdoor dining that includes the use of “parklets” which occupy a portion of curbside parking spaces adjacent to a dining facility. During the past year only one restaurant used the temporary permit for this use. The packet includes a map of restaurants in Moab. The number of restaurants which could use the ordinance is very limited. There were two comments received on the proposed ordinance, both opposed the ordinance based on a lack of adequate parking in the area. One comment expressed concerns about noncompliance with the dark skies ordinance. The negative comments concerned the lack of parking spaces in the area. The PC passed a resolution to forward ORDINANCE NO. 2021-13 to the City Council with positive recommendation.

  • ORDINANCE NO. 2021-13. An Ordinance Amending the Text of the Moab Municipal Code (MMC) to Add Regulation for Outdoor Dining by Amending Sections 17.21 C-2 Commercial Residential Zone, 17.24 C-3 Central Commercial Zone, 17.27 C-4 General Commercial Zone and 17.31 RC Resort Commercial Zone and by allowing consideration of parklets in the City Right-of-Way (ROW) by amending Section17.24 C-3 Central Commercial Zone. Associated definitions will be added to MMC Section 17.06 Definitions.

2. The Planning Commission held a public hearing on a resolution for a plat change application for the Thompson Townhomes located at 246 E 200 S. The original plat was for a condominium development. The requested change divided the property into six separate properties. The housing construction is well underway so this application does not change the physical buildings or layout in the development. The PC unanimously passed a positive recommendation to the City Council for Resolution #24-2021, A Resolution Approving the Townhome Plat Application for the Thompson Townhomes, property located at 246 E 200 S, Moab UT 84532. 

Both resolutions approved by PC require approval of the Moab City Council.