Grand County Commission meeting report 2021-08-03

Packet is here:

Video is here:

Highlights of the meeting:

  • Item D, presentation on Solid Waste Special Service District. This was a rather long presentation (1:08:20 to 1:48:15 on the above YouTube link), but it was full of interesting information on how waste disposal and recycling function in our community.
  • Item L, reconsideration of two tourist-directed videos (2:37:30 on video). At the previous GCC meeting the Commission withheld approval of two out of six “recreate responsibly” type videos (which would be aired on Channel 6 in hotel rooms) out of concern that the videos were too heavy on images of motorized recreation and thus indirectly promoted even more motorized recreation in the Moab area. Staff and some commissioners wanted to revisit that decision, as they felt that the videos contained important messaging about how to lessen one’s impact when operating OHVs. A majority of the GCC (6-1, Stock opposed) supported running the two videos in question, but there was agreement that the county should reevaluate all of its promotional materials to make sure that they are not (either intentionally or unintentionally) promoting even more motorized recreation in the Moab area.
  • Item P, Dalton-Byrd rezone application. This was yet another request for a rezone of a split-zoned parcel along Highway 191. The GCC felt that it was inappropriate to rezone residential property to commercial during our housing crisis, and also that rezoning along 191 should be considered in a more comprehensive and holistic way, rather than one parcel at a time. The rezone request was denied by a unanimous vote.
  • Item R, temporary moratorium on new water hook-ups in the Thompson area. This moratorium would last until Thompson has a chance to assess the capacity of its water system. Passed unanimously.
  • Item CC, public lands bill discussion (4:29:00 on video). The GCC continues to work toward a fully detailed public lands bill proposal. At this meeting, the GCC did two things. The first was to tentatively agree to the broad outline of a bill (five National Conservation Areas (NCAs) plus an expansion of Arches National Park). The second was to solicit input from the public via email and a web site. An NCA designation, by itself, has few implications for how an area is managed. The management goals and priorities must be spelled out in the legislation that creates the NCA. An NCA can contain everything from motorized recreation emphasis areas to designated wilderness. One thing an NCA designation does definitely do is trigger additional federal funding for management, and increased funding for the local BLM is a top priority of the GCC. There will be a more detailed account of Grand County public lands bill issues in a future MADAR article.